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  • Traditional Liquorice Allsorts are all about variety: jelly buttons, solid liquorice twists, fruit sandwiches with vanilla, coconut rolls and liquorice rolls soft candy centres. All natural colours and flavours. Made traditionally to be enjoyed today. 700g

  • Switzerland is well known across the world for the outstanding quality and delicious flavour of its chocolate. Knowing this, We at Waterbridge had to create the perfect selection of Swiss chocolate pieces for Canadians to enjoy!

  • The same classic taste you love from Reese, just in mini form! Coming in a bag makes it easy for sharing. 900g

  • An exclusive selection of the finest Belgian chocolates, artistically crafted by Godiva's' chocolatiers. Godiva has been masters in the art of Belgian chocolate making since 1926. Our deliciously rich, smooth chocolates are exceptionally crafted with passion and flair by our Chocolatiers, using only the finest ingredients, to delight and indulge the senses.

  • Waterbridge Finest Belgian Chocolate Seashells are the finest Belgian chocolates, in a mix of white and milk chocolate. Smooth and Creamy hazelnut praline enrobed in a delicate chocolate shell. A perfect addition to your winter traditions, these delicious chocolates will simply melt in your mouth.