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  • Glowing Pals. Press and turn it on. Kids will sleep tight in the gentle glow of this character night light. • Portable and plug free • Auto shut off

  • Organicfuls treats are made with high-quality, USDA organic ingredients 113g

  • If you are planting new plants or if your plants have outgrown their original planters, choose a jumbo planter to ensure they have enough room to thrive and grow beautifully.

  • As natural as the earth itself, Terra Ultra® natural cat food is delicious, healthy and nutritious. You give yourself the finest things in life, now you can do the same for your best feline friend. The Terra Ultra® team is dedicated to bringing your pet a safe, professionally formulated, delicious food free of corn, wheat,…

  • They look great on tabletops, but you can also hang them or set them on the ground as pathway lights. Because they are portable and easy to move around, they provide a very versatile lighting option as well.

  • Automatic dishwasher detergent leaves your dishes sparkling clean With a fresh scent, your dishes will smell as fresh as they look Dishwasher tablets gently scrub your dishes and eliminate film or water spots Sold in packs of 54

  • Straightforward 100% Arabica coffee blends you can count on any time of the day – enjoy a Simply Sensational delight, cup after delicious cup. 330g

  • It's hard to say no to the flavourful taste of a Breton that's baked with real vegetables. Your whole family will just love this Breton for its unique, tender-crisp texture and all the goodness of wheat!

  • Quickly cleans away organic soil and eliminates rust, lime, hard water and uric acid deposits  Cleans and disinfects in one minute Fresh floral fragrance leaves surfaces smelling clean and fresh 946ml

  • High blood pressure is a preliminary stage of some of the most dangerous of illnesses, but today it can be kept under good control. Measure your blood pressure regularly, so that you can have it treated medically at the right time.

  • Alfredo White Pasta Sauce is exactly what you need to make exceptionally delicious pasta with deep rich flavors of Tomato, Cream & Parmesan Cheese. Perfect ready to use pasta sauce, for the times when you need to put scrumptious pasta dinner on the table in under an hour. This Classico Di Capri Alfredo White Pasta…

  • Discover the creamy, cheesy flavour of real Cheddar cheese.450g

  • Friskies products are formulated with cats in mind at every step to deliver just the right balance of tasty nutrition in cats’ favorite varieties. High Quality - For strong lean muscles Essential Fatty Acids & Zinc - To promote healthy skin and coat Vitamin A & Taurine - To support clear, healthy vision Antioxidants -…

  • An exclusive selection of the finest Belgian chocolates, artistically crafted by Godiva's chocolatiers. Godiva has been masters in the art of Belgian chocolate making since 1926. Our deliciously rich, smooth chocolates are exceptionally crafted with passion and flair by our Chocolatiers, using only the finest ingredients, to delight and indulge the senses.

  • Delta Faucets


    Bathroom faucets (also known as lavatory faucets or sink faucets) are central to even the smallest bathrooms. That’s why replacing your bath faucet is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update a bathroom. Delta faucets pair inspirational design with innovations to anticipate your needs.

  • Comfees® Total Fit System™ provides ultimate comfort and leakage protection. Comfees® Premium Baby Diapers, with an ultra-absorbent core, lock away wetness to provide up to 12 hours of DriNite® protection. The unique SoftFlex waistband, patented Stretch Fasteners, and ultra-contoured shape are designed to move with baby to ensure a comfortable, snug, and secure Comfees(R) fit.…

  • Attends Underwear

    $16.99 $10.00

    Economical pricing makes Attends breathable briefs and pads stand out from the rest. We have Attends diapers and Attends briefs in the most popular sizes and styles for men and women. Find your size in Attends underwear and our best-selling overnight Attends breathable briefs for superior protection. BUY 20 packages AND GET THEM FOR $8.00…

  • Grill, broil, bake or microwave. Brush on additional sauce from the bottle midway through cooking for extra flavour.


  • Wisdom tells us your body is a temple, and wise women keep their temple clean with Tiny Tea. Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with: Targeting excess fat Reducing bloating Reducing fluid retention Alleviating indigestion Contains Wulong Cha (oolong tea), Shan Zha (Hawthorn Fruit), Mai Ya (Barley Sprout), Chen Pi (Tangerine Peel), Jue…

  • 24 pk. Assorted Sizes available. Attends® Briefs are perfect for heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence for both ambulatory and sedentary users. With the carefully select the raw materials and engineer our briefs to channel wetness away from the body—helping maintain dry, healthy skin and controlling odor. Always designed for comfort and secure protection.…

  • An eco-friendly way to start your seedlings. These plantable pots are made from a combination of peat, vegetable fibers and nutrients that stimulates healthy plant growth. Unlike the plastic ones that are filling up our landfills, they are biodegradable and can be planted directly in the ground or tossed into the compost bin after planting.

  • Italian designed luggage available in various sizes, colours and sizes starting at $59.99 Description: 4 wheel spinners Features Specs • Sleek contemporary design • Light weight ABS Composite • Scratch resistant Raw Carbon fiber • Ergonomic Gel Grip Handle • Light Weight Trolley • Slim Lock TSA Design • Flex Pack Design expands 2" to…

  • Beautiful and fashionable Cardinal watches. They are timeless and water resistant. We carry a variety of colours and styles.

  • Fresh bakery bread and buns delivered daily.

  • Essence cat litter is for multiple cats and is scoopable. Fresh linen scent. we also carry the 18kg size for $5.99.

  • 5″ Single Foam Mattress

    $163.99 $74.99

    Single box spring is $49.99. Double 5" foam mattress is $1199.99 and the box spring is $69.99. Queen 5" foam mattress is $139.99 and the box spring is $$79.99, split queen box spring is $149.99. Bed frame is $54.99 and with center support is $64.99. Delivery is available in the Niagara area for an additional…

  • Orthopedic Double Mattress

    $409.99 $199.99

    312 Coil with edge guard and insulation pads. 3/4 medium foam 1/2" foam. 15 oz quilted both sides. Standard wood foundation. Double box spring is $69.99 Twin mattress is $159.99, box spring is $49.99 Queen size mattress is $239.99, box spring is $79.99 and a split queen box spring is $149.99. Delivery in Niagara Area…

  • Smooth Top Double Mattress

    $286.98 $139.99

    Double box spring is $69.99. We also sell the single size for $119.99 and single box spring for $49.99. Queen size mattress is $174.99 and box spring is $79.99. Split queen box spring is $149.99. The bed frame is $49.99 or bed frame with center support is $59.99. 312 Coil without edge guard. 7/8 foam…