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  • Even our furry loved ones deserve a comfy snuggle while walking around town. This extra COMFY and BREATHABLE over the shoulder pet sling is very stylish, making it easy to safely transport your pet in comfort.

  • DuraMitt


    DuraMitt Animal Groom and Wash Mitt is the choice of animal lovers for bathing and grooming their horses and pets. The studs are designed to pamper animals with a gentle massage and to remove tangles without damaging their hair. At the same time, the latex mitt protects your hand from the effects shampoos or powder.…

  • Whether your fury friend is feeling reserved or social, the innovative Best Friends by Sheri 2-in-1 Pet House can meet their preferences. It is the first and only pet house that can be transformed into a bed! In its house form your fury friend can find privacy and warmth, while in its bed form they…

  • Dog Bed


    We have a wide selection of sizes and styles available for the king or queen of your castle. We also carry pet food and other accessories.

  • Essence cat litter is for multiple cats and is scoopable. Fresh linen scent. we also carry the 18kg size for $5.99.

  • We also carry the 7 kg. size. Essence is a scoopable litter with fresh scent and has advanced odor control for multiple cats.