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  • The Gilmour Impulse sprinkler system is designed to help keep your grass adequately hydrated. The Impulse sprinkler features a durable head and a spray system that can cover up to 5,800 square feet. Adjust the sprinkler's rotation, distance and spray to customize its settings. Adjustments are made by hand.

  • Effectively control garden insects affecting your vegetable or flower plants with Safer® Brand. Our line of organic pest control products feature effective insecticidal soaps and other insect killer formulations that are free of harsh chemicals or other toxic materials. Instead, our garden pest control products contain all-natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to eliminate…

  • 100-Percent Recycled coconut shells Harder material burns hotter and longer with less waste No petroleum or harmful ingredients Better tasting food 3.99kg

  • ★ STEEL TOOLS WITH WOODEN HANDLES: All tools have steel heads with wood handles

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Throw away your old, plastic hose that tore after minimal use! This expendable hose has an all-new, improved design that maximizes its lifespan! It features a strong, fabric layer that prevents leaks and is extremely hard to pierce through! SUPERIOR DURABILITY & FLEXIBILITY: Whether you want to extend it to its full, 50…

  • If you are planting new plants or if your plants have outgrown their original planters, choose a jumbo planter to ensure they have enough room to thrive and grow beautifully.

  • They look great on tabletops, but you can also hang them or set them on the ground as pathway lights. Because they are portable and easy to move around, they provide a very versatile lighting option as well.

  • Jingle Bark Dog Animated Singing Soft Plush Toy will make your little one happy for the holidays as he sings to them! So cute and cuddly too. This cute white plush dog has a white face with a black eye, black ears and nose and a red green and white hat and a scarf with…

  • Protect your grilling investment with the Grill Parts Pro 55 in. Vinyl Cover. Black color family and cart-style type. The heavy duty vinyl construction and weather resistant coating helps to protect grilling equipment from the weather and outdoor elements. Heavy duty vinyl construction Weather resistant Drawstring closure for secure fit Fits grills up to 55…

  • Assorted NHL and MLB beach towels that measure 30"x60".

  • High quality, field tested travel chairs Made using the highest quality materials Easy folding and transport Portable and collapsible

  • Soap and Wash gun 360* pivoting spray head on/off pressure flow control handle flow control knob soap/water mix control dial liquid soap reservoir. Extra long reach.

  • We carry a variety of stainless steel gate hardware sets.

  • General purpose gloves with light-duty protection

  • The Coleman 48-qt. Hinged Lid Cooler is equipped with a drain plug. 45.5 L (48 qt.) capacity. Holds 63 cans plus 7.7 kg (17 lb) of ice. Holds 2 L bottles upright. Hinged lid Easy-to-lift 2-way handles Rust-proof and leak-resistant drain

  • Powerchill™ coolers use electricity to keep food and drinks cool without using ice . Cools up to 22°C (40°F) below surrounding temperature. Cools without the mess, no ice needed! • 37.9 L (40 qt) capacity • Holds 44 cans • 120V plug & 12V plug with 8-ft power cord: Power from your car, boat or…

  • Newly designed large capacity cooler keeps food & drinks cold and acts as an extra seat when you need it 47 L (50 qt) capacity; holds 84 cans Xtreme®5 Cooler keeps ice up to five days in temperatures up to 32°C (90° F) Non-slip ergonomic comfort grip handle Heavy Duty wheels and telescopic handle for…

  • An eco-friendly way to start your seedlings. These plantable pots are made from a combination of peat, vegetable fibers and nutrients that stimulates healthy plant growth. Unlike the plastic ones that are filling up our landfills, they are biodegradable and can be planted directly in the ground or tossed into the compost bin after planting.

  • BBQ Grill and Cooler Combo Set Outdoor Picnic Beach Storage Portable Round Black features an insulated cooler and a round, enamel coated steel barbecue with a chrome grill and a metal base to hold charcoal, the BBQ Grill and Cooler Combo Set is perfect for your next picnic or beach outing.

  • Deluxe BBQ Cover 60″

    $16.99 $12.99

    Heavy duty deluxe BBQ cover measuring at 60"x22"x35".

  • High volume/ low pressure. 16.7 oz spray cup light weight at 1.55 lbs

  • Shovel


    Heavy Duty Shovel